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Learning Expectations

The Kindergarten program at St. Mary, Star of the Sea School provides children with a loving environment in which to learn and explore.  At St. Mary’s you will find:

  • Fully credentialed teacher and a full time teaching assistant.
  • Full day program.
  • Two classrooms for small group and whole class instruction.
  • A curriculum that exceeds the California content standards.
  • Faith based instruction through reading, art, song and prayer.

Students are encouraged to explore their academic subjects with a variety of hands-on, active lessons that recognize the dignity of the child and build upon their natural curiosity.

Project Based Learning
I believe that students learn best when they are actively engaged in what they are learning. Therefore, the students will be doing a lot of hands-on projects. Most of the projects will be done in class. However, some of the projects are at home projects. You can help your child by taking her to the store to buy supplies or by helping your child if she needs extra support.

Kindergarten Curriculum
Language Arts – Reading and writing instruction is provided in small groups. Literacy centers are explored with developmentally appropriate materials

Mathematics – Students are instructed in a small group setting. The students also explore and play games with a variety of manipulatives and toys.

Social Studies / Science – Students explore their world with hands-on activities, curricular art projects, and discussions.

Music – Singing and rhythm are taught through movement games and activities. The students also learn about ten composers throughout the year.

Spanish – Basic concepts are taught with music, movement, conversation and various media.

Art – The students learn about twenty artists throughout the year and get to explore doing various types of art such as cubism, pointillism, and many other styles of art.  Our class will be learning about twenty artists this year. I call this program Art Masters. We will learn about two artists each month. One week we will learn about an artist’s life and the next week we will do an art project that mimics that artist’s style of art. At the end of the year, the students will have a portfolio with the artwork they made based on the artists we studied.

Outside play – is vital for social and motor development. The students will have morning and afternoon recess each day. I recommend that you put sunscreen on your child everyday especially if he has fair skin.

Music and Movement – We will do music and movement for 10-15 minutes each day. The students will learn basic concepts of music during this time. This time will also help the students to develop and practice using their large motor skills. We will also learn about ten composers throughout the year. I call this program Music Masters. The students learn about a composer one week and do a music note transcription activity the next week. We will listen to music by the composer we are studying for the rest of the month. A few of the composers we will study are: Johannes Brahms, John Williams and Aaron Copland.

Cooking – We will do a cooking activity once each week. The students will follow a simple six-step recipe to make a snack. This activity encourages students to follow directions and to complete a task. It also requires students to use math and language arts skills.

Additionally there are a number of ‘interest centers’ where students can explore with a very small group. These include art and writing centers, dramatic play, manipulatives, blocks, computers and library.